Viagra Drug treatment of bulbitis is aimed at reducing pain, eliminating spasm, and restoring normal motor function.

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In the presence of viagra diseases, drugs are additionally prescribed, taking into account their compatibility with the main therapy. Treatment of inflammation of the duodenal bulb can be successfully combined with alternative methods. Natural remedies remove unpleasant symptoms, improve well-being. Therefore, many gastroenterologists recommend treating bulbitis with folk remedies along with traditional therapy. The most effective recipes are listed in Table 4.

Folk remedies for the treatment of bulbitis. Natural medicine How to prepare and take Psyllium juice with honey The plant is crushed with a blender and juice is obtained. Add liquid honey at the rate of 1:3. The resulting volume is divided into 3 doses, eaten before meals for 30 minutes. A mixture of chamomile and Icelandic moss. Raw materials are taken equally. Pour 400 ml of boiled water, let it brew for 12 hours and filter. Drink fractionally during the day in a warm form between meals. Oak bark The bark is poured with water and boiled in a water bath for 15 minutes. Filter and drink 50 ml 4 times a day half an hour before meals.

Herbal remedies and herbs in moderation do not lead to negative consequences and help to cure the disease. But you can not rely only on folk remedies. They can only be considered as an addition to the main therapy. Nutrition for inflammatory pathology of the duodenal bulb depends on the stage. Products are boiled, stewed or cooked in a double boiler. The degree of grinding of the components depends on the type of damage to the mucous membrane of the digestive tract. The menu is compiled by a nutritionist or gastroenterologist, taking into account the characteristics of the disease.

It includes antibacterial agents, drugs in tablets or capsules that reduce the acidity of the stomach.